Maximum Penalties

Penalties are described by maximum levels. The Victorian Parliament determines the maximum penalty that can be imposed for a crime.  The maximum penalty for an offence is found in the Act outlining that particular offence. Judges and magistrates may impose a sentence less than the maximum penalty.

The following is a list of the maximum prison terms that can be given for some serious offences in Victoria:

Level 1 :  Maximum term – life imprisonment
Trafficking in a drug of dependence (large commercial quantity)

Level 2:  Maximum term – 25 years
Sexual penetration of a child under 12 years
Armed Robbery
Aggravated Burglary
Arson causing death

Level 3: Maximum term – 20 years
Intentionally causing serious injury
Culpable driving causing death

Level 4: Maximum term – 15 years
Recklessly causing serious injury
Handling stolen goods
Trafficking in a drug of dependence (not a commercial quantity)

Level 5: Maximum term – 10 years
Threats to kill
Indecent assault
Negligently causing serious injury

Level 6: Maximum term – 5 years
Recklessly causing injury
Knowingly possess child pornography
Possession of a drug of dependence (traffickable quantity)

Level 7: Maximum term – 2 years
Going equipped to steal

Level 8: Maximum term – 1 year
Cultivation of a narcotic plant
Possession of a drug of dependence