Drug Treatment Order

A drug treatment order (DTO) combines a term of imprisonment with drug treatment, but with the term of imprisonment suspended. The court imposes a sentence of up to two years' imprisonment but defers the term of imprisonment while the offender undergoes treatment and supervision.

A drug treatment order can only be ordered by the Victorian Drug Court, which is a venue of the Magistrates' Court. A drug treatment order cannot be given to offenders who have committed sexual or violent crimes.

Offenders subject to a drug treatment order have restrictions placed on their freedom of movement and association. Offenders must undergo drug treatment, have regular meetings with the magistrate and counsellors, and may have to submit to drug testing, among other conditions.

An offender on a drug treatment order who successfully completes his or her treatment will not have to serve any time in prison.

An offender on a drug treatment order who fails to abide by the conditions of the order may have additional conditions imposed or serve time in prison.

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