Fines are monetary penalties that can be imposed in addition to or instead of another order, with or without recording a conviction.

Judges and magistrates have the discretion to impose a fine up to the maximum penalty for the offence. Court fines differ from infringement penalties (such as for minor traffic offences), which are fixed amounts.

The maximum amount of a fine is described in penalty units. A penalty unit is an amount of money set by parliament, and it increases every year. For the period 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019, the value of a penalty unit is set at $161.19.

As with terms of imprisonment, fines are set out in a penalty scale. There are 11 levels for fines in Victoria. The penalty units for each level and the corresponding monetary value for 2018–19 are outlined below.

Level Penalty units Monetary value (2018–19)
Level 1 There is no provision for a fine
to be given for a Level 1 offence
Level 2 3,000 $483,570.00
Level 3 2,400 $386,856.00
Level 4 1,800 $290,142.00
Level 5 1,200 $193,428.00
Level 6 600 $96,714.00
Level 7 240 $38,685.60
Level 8 120 $19,342.80
Level 9 60 $9,671.40
Level 10 10 $1,611.90
Level 11 5 $805.95
Level 12 1 $161.19

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