Youth Attendance Order

A youth attendance order is an alternative to detention for children aged 15 years or over at the time of sentencing.

The Children’s Court can order a child on a youth attendance order to attend the youth justice unit for a maximum of 12 months. The youth justice unit of the Department of Human Services will specify:

  • the number of attendance hours up to a maximum of 10 hours per week
  • the dates and times of attendance
  • the program content.

Under a youth attendance order, a child must:

  • not reoffend
  • attend the youth justice unit as instructed for education and other program activities, which may include counseling
  • if directed, complete up to four hours of community service per week
  • report any changes of address, school, or employment
  • comply with any special conditions set by the Children’s Court.

If the child breaches the youth attendance order by reoffending or by not complying with some part of the order, the Children’s Court has the power to:

  • vary the order and any conditions
  • direct the child to comply with the order
  • revoke the order and impose another sentencing order – this could include detention in a youth justice centre for the remaining period of the order.

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