Wodonga, Wangaratta and Shepparton Residents Invited to be the Judge

Media Release

For immediate release, Monday 7 October 2019

In partnership with the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria, the Sentencing Advisory Council will deliver free public ‘You be the Judge’ sessions in Northeast Victoria in late October.

Interactive ‘You be the Judge’ sessions introduce participants to sentencing law by inviting them to sentence a real (anonymised) case of culpable driving causing death. The sessions are recommended for members of the community, including secondary students, who are interested in finding out how courts make sentencing decisions.

‘It’s sometimes easy to criticise the work that magistrates and judges do in deciding what should happen to people who have broken the law’, the Council’s Chair Professor Freiberg said. ‘It’s less easy to say what a better sentence would be, and why.

‘These “You be the Judge” sessions are an engaging introduction for non-legal community members to this fascinating topic. For 90 minutes, people can put themselves in a judge’s shoes, and think about the law, about the offender and what they did, and try to find a sentence that is just in all the circumstances’, he said.

The sessions are scheduled for 5:25 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at:

  • Wodonga on Wednesday 23 October at the Wodonga Magistrates’ Court, 5 Elgin Boulevard
  • Wangaratta on Thursday 24 October at the Wangaratta Magistrates’ Court, 42 Faithfull Street
  • Shepparton on Friday 25 October at Riverlinks, 70 Welsford Street.

Reservations are recommended:

Participants are asked to let us know if they have any special access needs for the sessions.