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May 2017

31 May 2017

New Sentencing Snapshots for Six Sex Offences

Offences in this release include rape, indecent assault and persistent sexual abuse of a child under 16.

18 May 2017

Youth Crime, Youth Justice: An Expert Panel’s View

Our Law Week event for 2017 looked at the dynamics at play in sentencing a young offender.

April 2017

27 April 2017

New Sentencing Snapshots for Homicide, Property and Deception Offences

Offences in our latest release of Snapshots include murder, manslaughter and culpable driving causing death.

March 2017

16 March 2017

Law Week Event 2017: Youth Crime, Youth Justice

How should we respond to crimes committed by children and young people?

February 2017

20 February 2017

Discussion Paper Examines ‘Swift, Certain and Fair’ Approaches to Family Violence

We welcome your views on ‘swift, certain and fair’ approaches to family violence.

January 2017

19 January 2017

Resources for Teachers Updated

Our teachers' kits have been updated for the new school year.

17 January 2017

Popular Sentencing Education Resource Updated

We’ve released a new edition of our Quick Guide to Sentencing.