Archived News

December 2018

18 December 2018

Reports to Government Cap Off Jam-Packed Year for the Council

Our reports on swift, certain and fair and the sentencing guidelines council are just some of the highlights detailed in our annual report for 2017–18.

18 December 2018

New Guide to Sentencing Schemes in Victoria Released

The Council has released a new guide to the sentencing schemes now in operation in Victoria.

13 December 2018

What Does the Public Really Think About Sentencing?

Research into public opinion and sentencing repeatedly finds that informed members of the community are not as punitive as opinion polls suggest.

4 December 2018

Victorian Jury Sentencing Study: Second Fact Sheet Released

The Council has released a second fact sheet summarising findings from the Victorian Jury Sentencing Study.

November 2018

29 November 2018

Standard Sentences Confirmed as ‘valid and capable of practical operation’

The Supreme Court has imposed the first sentence under Victoria’s new standard sentence scheme.

October 2018

25 October 2018

Report Released on Offender-Paid Compensation in Victoria

The Council has released its advice on reforms to restitution and compensation orders in Victoria.

August 2018

30 August 2018

New Sentencing Snapshots for Incest and Drug Offences

The Council has released new Sentencing Snapshots for incest and five drug offences.

23 August 2018

Victorian Jury Sentencing Study Factsheet Released

Our new factsheet looks at perceptions of lenient sentencing in Victoria.

15 August 2018

New Report Released on Sentence Appeals in Victoria

97% of all sentences imposed in the higher courts in 2013–14 were unchallenged or unchanged on appeal.

June 2018

28 June 2018

New Sentencing Snapshots for Six Violent Offences

Our latest Sentencing Snapshots examine aggravated burglary, armed robbery and cause injury offences.