Annual Report Recounts Our Latest Achievements

1 November 2017

The Council has released its annual report for 2016–2017.

Our work this year has had a strong focus on youth offending and family violence, two themes at the forefront of concern in the Victorian community.

We published two reports on young offenders: Sentencing Children in Victoria: Data Update Report and Reoffending by Children and Young People in Victoria. Moreover, we hosted a forum on youth crime and justice for Law Week 2017 and worked with the Children’s Court and a variety of stakeholders to create a brochure designed to help young offenders understand how sentencing works in the Children’s Court.

We also published a report on offenders who contravene family violence orders that, unusually, considered prior offending as well as reoffending patterns. Additionally, the Council was asked to advise the government on the desirability of a ‘swift and certain’ response to family violence offenders in Victoria. Our discussion paper on this issue has informed our consultation this year with family violence experts and community members.

We continue to provide statistical information on sentencing to the community. We released our third report on Victoria’s prison population and 13 new issues of our flagship Sentencing Snapshots, including the 200th issue in the series.