Annual Report Tabled for 2018-19

Date of Publication
17 October 2019

The Council’s annual report lets us take stock of our achievements for the year.

We delivered our advice to the Attorney-General on restitution and compensation orders and recommended improvements to the system for enforcing them.

We also undertook several self-initiated projects in response to community and stakeholder concerns.

Our report on sentencing for animal cruelty offences, the first of its kind for Victoria, exposed the extent of neglect-related offending among sentenced offenders. We revealed the growing numbers of firearms offences sentenced in Victorian courts. In another Victorian first, we examined the child protection histories among children sentenced or diverted in the Children’s Court.

Providing statistical information on sentencing is one of our core functions. We released our second report on sentence appeals and reported on serious offending committed by offenders on community correction orders. In addition, we released 19 new Sentencing Snapshots and updated the higher courts data on SACStat: Sentencing Advisory Council Statistics.

This year, the Council promoted crucial research into public opinion about sentencing. Our factsheets and overview of this research restate a long-held finding that informed members of the community are satisfied with sentences and are sometimes even more lenient than the judge. We also continue to help inform members of the public about sentencing through our community education program.

You can download the Council’s Annual Report 2018–19 from our website.