Major Revamp of the Council’s Educational Resources

31 January 2019

Today the Council has released a suite of free educational resources updated to reflect recent changes to sentencing law.

You Be the Judge Teachers’ Kits

Our teachers’ kits provide the resources for teachers to deliver a You be the Judge education session in secondary school classrooms.  Students learn about the purposes and principles of sentencing and then apply sentencing law to a real case. Students can then compare their sentences to the sentence the real-life judge imposed.

The teachers’ kits have been rewritten with new case studies:

  • Years 9 and 10 Cross Curriculum Units includes a teacher guide and two case studies: burglary and trafficking in a drug of dependence (this kit is suitable for Civics and Citizenship, English, Mathematics, Media Arts and Digital Technology)
  • Years 11 and 12 VCE Legal Studies includes a teacher guide and three case studies: culpable driving causing death, burglary and cultivation of a commercial quantity of a narcotic plant.

The Years 9 and 10 case studies (and the burglary case study for Years 11 and 12) are based on cases from the Council’s popular online application Virtual You be the Judge. This allows teachers to integrate interactive content into the classroom.

The case studies incorporate sentencing statistics for the five years ending 30 June 2018 and include activities highlighting recent changes to Victorian sentencing law.  

Quick Guide to Sentencing

The fifth edition of a Quick Guide to Sentencing is an up-to-date summary of Victorian sentencing law. The Quick Guide covers the who, when, where, what and how of sentencing. It is written for a broad audience and is particularly useful for secondary and tertiary students, legal practitioners, journalists and people who work with, or advise, those affected by crime or involved in the criminal justice system.

The Quick Guide may be read alongside the Council’s recent A Guide to Sentencing Schemes, which provides an overview of the various sentencing schemes now in operation in Victoria. The Guide outlines the offences each scheme applies to and the different commencement provisions.

A Quick Guide to Sentencing, the Years 9 and 10 Teachers’ Kits and Years 11 and 12 Teachers’ Kits are available to download from our website.