New Guide to Sentencing Schemes in Victoria Released

Date of Publication
18 December 2018

Successive legislative amendments have introduced a number of sentencing schemes that apply to particular offences in Victoria.  Often, several schemes apply to the same offence or to an offence when committed in particular circumstances.

The number of schemes can make the sentencing task very complex.

The Council has produced the Guide to Sentencing Schemes in Victoria to assist criminal justice stakeholders and the broader community in understanding when a particular sentencing scheme applies to an offence.  While the guide is not exhaustive, it does cover all Category 1 and 2 offences, standard sentence offences, statutory minimum sentences and Category A and B serious youth offences. 

The accompanying table includes a list of relevant offences, statutory references, maximum penalties and any applicable category, standard sentence or statutory minimum. The table also indicates where the serious offender provisions apply to the offence.

The new guide is available for download from our website.