New Report Analyses Sentencing Outcomes for Children Held on Remand

Date of Publication
29 September 2020

The Sentencing Advisory Council today released a report analysing the outcomes of cases for which children were held on remand for at least one day in Victoria in 2017–18.

The report finds that two-thirds (66%) of children held on remand in 2017–18 did not ultimately receive a custodial sentence.

The report analyses the demographic characteristics of the remanded children and the offences for which they were remanded. It identifies which children were less likely than others to receive a custodial sentence.

Some factors associated with lower rates of custodial sentences included:

  • being released on bail before the end of a case
  • spending less time on remand
  • being remanded for property damage or threat offences.

Drawing on these findings, the report suggests possible strategies for reducing the risk of children entering remand, including the possibility of a fully resourced, 24-hour, Victoria-wide bail system specifically for children.

The full report, Children Held on Remand in Victoria: A Report on Sentencing Outcomes, and a factsheet with key findings are available for download from our website.