New Report Released on Sentence Appeals in Victoria

15 August 2018

The Sentencing Advisory Council has today released a new report on sentence appeals from the higher courts in Victoria.

In the report, the Council considered the 1,910 sentences imposed in the County and Supreme Courts in 2013–14. Of those, 230 were appealed and 60 were successfully appealed.

Offenders were successful in 44 of 153 cases (29%) and the prosecution was successful in 16 of 23 cases (70%).

Overall, 97% of all sentences imposed in the higher courts in 2013–14 were either unchallenged or unchanged on appeal. Less than 1% were increased on appeal and just over 2% were decreased.

The most common principal proven offence (the most serious offence in the case) in offender sentence appeals included drug offences (43 cases) and acts intended to cause injury (28 cases). The same was true in Crown appeals (7 cases of drug offences and 4 cases of acts intended to cause injury). The Council determined the principal proven offence by identifying the offence that received the highest or most severe sentence in the case.

Sentence Appeals in Victoria: Second Statistical Research Report is available on our website. The new report provides an update to the findings in the Council’s 2012 review of sentence appeals.