New Report Reveals Role of Trauma in Childhood Offending: Council Canvasses Possible Reforms

Date of Publication
02 June 2020

The Sentencing Advisory Council today released the third and final report in its series on ‘crossover kids’: children sentenced or diverted in the Children’s Court of Victoria who are also known to the Child Protection Service. The study included 5,063 sentenced and diverted children and matched them against 22 years of child protection data.

Building on the findings of the previous two reports, the new report reveals a current lack of legislative guidance and only limited case law on the relevance of trauma to sentencing children. The report also identifies possible barriers to Victorian sentencing courts receiving adequate information about a child’s history of trauma. The report canvasses potential changes to the youth justice system to address these issues and strengthen the current approach to sentencing children who have experienced trauma.

The full report, Crossover Kids: Vulnerable Children in the Youth Justice System. Report 3: Sentencing Children Who Have Experienced Trauma, is available on our website.