One-Third of Offenders Contravene Their Community Correction Order by Further Offending

18 July 2017

The Council has today released a report examining the offending patterns of offenders who breach their community correction order (CCO) in Victoria. Contravention of Community Correction Orders analyses the proven offending of the 7,645 offenders who served a CCO imposed in the financial year 2012–13.

The report finds that 35% of these offenders contravened their CCO by further offending, and another 15% contravened their CCO through non-compliance with some other condition of their CCO, such as community work or a reporting condition.

The 2,705 offenders who contravened their CCO by further offending committed a total of 15,941 imprisonable offences while serving their CCO. The most common offences were:

  • theft/dishonesty offences (38% of further offences)
  • road safety offences (14%)
  • offences against the person (10%).

The report finds that contravention by further offending often first occurred shortly after the CCO was imposed, highlighting the need for support services and programs to start as soon as possible after sentencing.

The report:

  • analyses what sentences courts impose for different types of contraventions
  • examines factors associated with the risk of contravention
  • compares the contravention patterns for offenders sentenced in the Magistrates’ Court and higher courts (the Supreme and County Courts).

Contravention of Community Correction Orders is available from our website. The Council has also prepared a factsheet on the report’s key findings.