Report Examines Serious Offending on a Community Correction Order

4 May 2018

The Council today released a report on serious offending committed by people serving a community correction order (CCO). 

The report, which fulfils a new legislative requirement for the Council, finds that a total of 551 people were sentenced in 2016–17 for committing 794 separate serious offences while serving a CCO.

Serious offences include:

  • serious violent offences such as armed robbery, aggravated burglary, make threat to kill and intentionally causing serious injury 
  • sexual offences such as rape and sexual assault. 

The most common types of serious offence committed on a CCO were make threat to kill (258 charges), followed by make threat to inflict serious injury (172 charges) and aggravated burglary (152 charges).

A small number of very serious offences were also committed on a CCO, including five charges of rape, two charges of murder and one charge of manslaughter.

The report also finds that the courts’ use of CCOs has increased over the past six years, with nearly 7,000 more people receiving a CCO in 2016–17 (14,561 people) than in 2012–13 (8,109 people). 

Serious Offending by People Serving a CCO: 2016-17 is available on our website.