Sentencing Guidance Consultation Paper Released

15 December 2015

The Sentencing Advisory Council has released a consultation paper to assist stakeholders in making a submission in relation to the reference on sentencing guidance, announced by the Attorney-General on 24 November 2015.

The terms of reference require the Council to consider the most effective legislative mechanism to provide sentencing guidance to the courts in a way that:

  • promotes consistency of approach in sentencing offenders; and
  • promotes public confidence in the criminal justice system.

In addition to providing advice on the type of guidance that should feature in a new sentencing scheme, the terms of reference seek the Council’s advice on which offences should be subject to such a scheme, and the appropriate levels for those offences.

The consultation paper provides information on various models for sentencing guidance that have been used in Victoria and in a number of other jurisdictions to promote consistency of approach to sentencing offenders. The paper also presents suggested criteria for determining which offences could be subject to any such legislative scheme.

The Council invites submissions on the questions in the consultation paper, and any other issues raised by the terms of reference, by Friday 29 January 2016.

The consultation paper is available for download from our website.