Sentencing Information Brochures Updated

1 June 2018

Brochures providing brief summaries of sentencing law for different groups of court users have been updated with new legal content.

How Courts Sentence Adult Offenders summarises what a court must consider when deciding which sentence to give an adult offender. This brochure is based on A Quick Guide to Sentencing.

Sentencing in the Children’s Court is written for people who are supporting children attending the Children’s Court, but is also suitable for students, youth justice workers, journalists and other interested members of the community.

How the Children’s Court Could Sentence You is a simpler version of Sentencing in the Children’s Court, intended to be read by, or to, children attending the court.

Each brochure can be read online or downloaded to print to a two-sided A4 sheet.

All three brochures reflect the law as at 1 June 2018.