Statistics on Key Sentencing Trends Updated

Date of Publication
20 August 2019

We’ve updated our website with new statistics showing key long-term trends to June 2018 for:

  • Victoria’s prison population and imprisonment rates
  • imprisonment rates for other Australian states and territories, and other countries
  • Victoria’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander imprisonment rate
  • Australia’s youth detention rates
  • the most serious offences committed by Victorian prisoners
  • released Victorian prisoners returning to prison.

The data shows that Victoria’s imprisonment rate stands at 118.6 prisoners per 100,000 population. This is its highest level since 1895, but it is lower than the Australian national rate.

Victoria’s youth detention rate stands at nine detainees per 100,000 young people. This is the lowest of any Australian state and is less than half the national rate.

The rate at which Victorian prisoners return to prison has not changed over the past two years and is slightly lower than the national rate.

You can view the updated statistics on our website.