Teaching and Study Materials on Sentencing Refreshed and Updated

29 January 2018

The Council’s sentencing education materials for teachers and students have been updated with new statistics and legal content.

A Quick Guide to Sentencing

Now in its fourth edition, A Quick Guide to Sentencing is a summary of the what, where, when and how of sentencing law in Victoria. Written in plain language, it is intended for teachers, students and the broader community. It also contains a comprehensive glossary of sentencing terms.

The new edition reflects recent changes to the law. It also details changes that will come into effect in 2018, including a new youth sentencing option and standard sentences.

You be the Judge Teachers’ Kits

Teacher guides and annotated PowerPoint presentations have been updated to support teachers delivering classes for both Years 9 and 10 and VCE Legal Studies.

These materials allow teachers to deliver engaging classes that introduce students to sentencing law by requiring them to:

  • discuss the purposes and principles of sentencing
  • decide what sentence should apply in a case study based on real events.

Students then compare their sentences with the sentence imposed by the judge in the case.

The Years 9 and 10 teachers’ kit is designed for teachers of Civics and Citizenship, English, History, Maths, Media and Digital Technologies. It contains suggestions for a variety of student activities relevant to each curriculum. Teachers have three case studies to choose from: armed robbery, causing serious injury intentionally and drug trafficking.

The Years 11 and 12 teachers’ kit has more legal content and is mapped against the new Legal Studies curriculum. It contains case studies on armed robbery, culpable driving causing death and murder. The VCE teacher guide also includes a handy sentencing quiz.

All materials can be used together with the Council’s popular online interactive application Virtual You be the Judge.

A Quick Guide to Sentencing, the Years 9 and 10 teachers’ kit and Years 11 and 12 teachers’ kit are available from our website.