Updated Guide to Sentencing Schemes Released

Date of Publication
28 January 2020

The Sentencing Advisory Council has updated its Guide to Sentencing Schemes in Victoria.

The guide now incorporates amendments from 2019 that create two new Category 2 offences relating to police and protective services officers.

The guide was first released in late 2018 to assist the community and criminal justice stakeholders to understand Victoria’s multiple sentencing schemes. It outlines the sentencing schemes applicable to certain offences or to offences committed in certain circumstances.

It covers all Category 1 and 2 offences, standard sentence offences, statutory minimum sentences and Category A and B serious youth offences. It also includes a table that sets out relevant offences, statutory references, maximum penalties, applicable sentencing schemes, and any application of the serious offender provisions to an offence.

The updated guide is available for download from our website.