Updated Statistics on Key Sentencing Trends Released

Date of Publication
14 July 2020

We’ve released new statistics on long-term sentencing trends to June 2019. The statistics include:

  • sentencing outcomes in Victoria’s higher courts (the County and Supreme Courts), Magistrates’ Court and Children’s Court
  • Victoria's prison population
  • Victorian, Australian and international imprisonment rates
  • imprisonment rates for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  • released Victorian prisoners returning to prison
  • Australia’s youth detention rates.

Key Sentencing Trends

The data shows that the percentage of cases sentenced to imprisonment in the higher courts increased from 39.6% in 2004–05 to 74.2% in 2018–19.

The percentage of cases sentenced to imprisonment in the Magistrates’ Court also increased, from 4.9% in 2004–05 to 10.6% in 2018–19.

The most prevalent sentencing outcomes in the Children’s Court in 2018–19 were youth diversion (37.4% of cases) and good behaviour bonds (23.5% of cases).

Imprisonment Trends

Victoria’s imprisonment rate in 2019 was 123 prisoners per 10,000 population. This was Victoria’s highest rate since 1895, but it was lower than the Australian national rate.

Victoria’s youth detention rate in 2018–19 was 9.4 detainees per 100,000 young people. This was the lowest of any Australian state or territory and was half the national rate.

You can view the updated statistics on our website.