Victorian Jury Sentencing Study: Second Fact Sheet Released

Date of Publication
04 December 2018

The Council has released a second fact sheet summarising findings from the Victorian Jury Sentencing Study.

For the study, a team of researchers, led by Her Excellency Professor the Honourable Kate Warner AC, Governor of Tasmania, surveyed almost a thousand jurors who had sat on trials in the Victorian County Court. The study sought to gauge jurors views on a range of issues related to sentencing. The Council’s fact sheets summarise key findings of their study.

The second fact sheet, Factors Relevant to Sentencing, looks at the relevance and weight given to aggravating and mitigating factors when sentencing. The findings suggest that judges and jurors give relatively similar weight to most factors. The findings therefore challenge the persistent view that judges are out of touch with the community.

The Council’s first fact sheet,  Is Sentencing in Victoria Lenient?, summarises key findings in relation to juror’s views on sentence severity and sentencing purposes.

Both fact sheets have been produced with Her Excellency’s permission.