We’ve Tabled Our Annual Report

Date of Publication
28 October 2021

We’ve tabled our annual report for 2020-2021.

This financial year, we looked into threat offences and imaged-based sexual abuse, which are both strongly associated with family violence. We also examined the sentencing of sex offences and sentencing outcomes for children held on remand. And we published our 250th Sentencing Snapshot.

We ran 17 online sessions for our long-standing ‘You be the Judge ‘ program for around 300 participants. We launched a new training program to help practitioners find and use our statistics.

In conducting our research, we consulted with over 35 agencies, organisations and academics.

For Law Week, we hosted Professor Kate Warner, chief investigator of the National Jury Sentencing Study, who joined our Chair, Arie Freiberg, to discuss the findings of this ground-breaking study of jurors’ views on sentencing.

Our Annual Report 2020-2021 is available for download from this website.