Social Media

The Council uses social media to provide information, to consult, and to gauge community views about sentencing. Following the Council on our social networks is a great way to stay in touch with our work and to learn about recent developments in sentencing and criminal justice.

We use Twitter to share news, research, and analysis on sentencing and related criminal justice topics from Victoria and elsewhere. Our Twitter policy is available on our website. You can also view our Twitter feed on our homepage.

We use Pinterest to collect online reference and resource materials of long-term interest to secondary and tertiary students and teachers. We pin links covering topics like prisons, restorative justice, justice reinvestment, crime, and crime prevention.

Our LinkedIn page helps us to engage with professionals in crime and justice.

The Council films some of its education work and publishes its videos on YouTube.

Really simple syndication (RSS) notifies you every time we post a news article on our website. You need an RSS reader or an RSS extension in your browser to view feeds.

You can use our feedback form to join our mailing list. You will receive an email each time we publish a new report.

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