Completed Projects

For a full list of the Council's publication topics, see our Publications by Topic page.

Adult Parole
The Attorney-General sought the Council's advice on parole cancellation and confiscation orders and on Victoria’s adult parole system. The Council has released public submissions for the adult parole system reference.

Sentence Appeals
The Council has conducted research into appeals against sentences imposed in the Supreme and County Courts.

Baseline Sentences
The Attorney-General asked the Council to give its advice on the introduction of baseline sentences in Victoria. The public submissions for the baseline project are also available.

Children and Young Offenders
The Council has undertaken research into sentencing practices for children and young people in Victoria. Our research has also focused on the reoffending patterns of children and young people sentenced in the Children's Court.

Community Correction Order Contravention
The Council has researched breaches of community correction orders.

Community Correction Order Monitoring
The Council has conducted research into how Victorian courts use the community correction order.

Data Visualisations Collaboration
The Council has collaborated with the RMIT School of Media and Communication as a Work Integrated Learning industry partner. 

The Council has reviewed the effectiveness of deterrence as a sentencing purpose.

Driving Offences
The Council has researched the maximum penalty for certain repeat driving offences, the maximum penalty for negligently causing serious injury in relation to driving matters, sentencing options for offenders found guilty of driving while disqualified, and current sentencing practices for major driving offences.

Drug Offences
The Council has examined sentencing practices for minor and major drug offences.

Family Violence Contravention Offences
The Council has researched sentencing practices for family violence contravention offences.

Family Violence Offences and Reoffending
The family violence reoffending project looked at prior and subsequent offending among family violence offenders.

Female Offenders
The female offenders project presents Victorian data on men and women at each stage of the system: police, courts and prisons.

The Council has reviewed aspects of the use of fines as a sentencing option in Victoria. The public submissions for the fines project are also available.

Gross Violence Offences
The Attorney-General requested the Council to provide its advice on sentencing for serious injury offences involving gross violence.

Guilty Pleas and Section 6AAA of the Sentencing Act 1991 (Vic)
The Council has examined guilty pleas and the application of section 6AAA of the Sentencing Act 1991 (Vic) in the higher courts.

Offences Motivated by Hatred or Prejudice
In 2009, the Attorney-General asked the Council to provide advice on sentencing for offences motivated by hatred or prejudice.

Homicide Sentencing
The Homicide Sentencing  project examined the feasibility of establishing a comprehensive database on homicide incidents and sentencing in Victoria.

Indigenous Offenders
An important part of the Council’s work is the publication of data on trends in the sentencing of Indigenous offenders.

Parole and Sentencing
The Council has examined the imposition of non-parole periods in Victoria.

Preparatory Offences
The Council has provided advice on the appropriate maximum penalties for the five preparatory offences in Victoria.

Prison Population in Victoria
The Council has examined trends in Victoria’s adult prison population.

The Council has examined how provocation has featured in sentencing decisions for non-fatal offences in Victoria.

Public Opinion and Sentencing
This project reviewed the existing research literature on public opinion and sentencing to inform the Council's consultation strategy and to ensure best practice in its approach to gauging public opinion.

Secondary Offences
The secondary offences project examined offences that arise from people breaching conditions.

Sentence Indication and Sentence Discounts
The Council has provided advice on the merits of a sentence indication scheme in Victoria.

Sentencing Guidance
The Council has fulfilled a request to provide advice on sentencing guidance in Victoria.

Sentencing Guidelines Council
The Council has responded to a request to consult and advise on the creation of a sentencing guidelines council in Victoria.

Sexual Offences Against Children
The Attorney-General sought the Council's advice on maximum penalties that apply to the different circumstances of the offence of sexual penetration of a child under the age of 16.

Suspended Sentences
The Council has examined the use of suspended sentences and whether their operation can be improved in any way.

Swift, Certain and Fair Approaches
The Council has advised on the desirability of ‘swift and certain’ approaches to sentencing family violence offenders in Victoria.

The Council has examined sentencing outcomes in the Magistrates’ Court for theft offences.