Sentencing of Indigenous Offenders

An important part of the Council’s work is the publication of data on trends in the sentencing of Indigenous offenders. There is significant and ongoing community interest in this area, but in the past the quality, reliability and coverage of Victorian data have precluded the Council from publishing on such trends.

Sufficiently reliable data sources have become available, allowing the Council to undertake a project to publish this material.

The Council’s research on the sentencing of Indigenous offenders is divided into two phases.

The first phase focuses on the Koori Court Division of the Magistrates’ Court. The Council has examined data on accused persons appearing in the Koori Court and has produced a statistical report on Koori Court sentencing outcomes.  The Council has also conducted research into the background of the court and gathered information on court processes.

The Council released its Sentencing in the Koori Court Division of the Magistrates’ Court: A Statistical Report in October 2010.

The second phase of the project involved a more detailed analysis of the sentencing of Indigenous offenders in Victoria. The report, Comparing Sentencing Outcomes for Koori and Non-Koori Adult Offenders in the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria, was released in April 2013.

Both reports are available for viewing and download from this website.