Suspended Sentences

The Council has examined the use of suspended sentences and whether their operation can be improved in any way.

The Council received this reference from the then Attorney-General in August 2004.

The Council released a Discussion Paper in April 2005. Extensive community consultations for the review were conducted and an Interim Report was released in October 2005 containing a set of recommendations.

The Final Report - Part 1 was released in May 2006, focusing on suspended sentences.  The Final Report - Part 2 was released in April 2008, focusing on improvements to other intermediate sentencing orders. The Final Report - Part 2 also contains the Council's final recommendations on suspended sentences.

In its Final Report, the Council undertook to monitor the use and operation of suspended sentences. In 2007 the Council released a Statistical Profile on the use of suspended sentences, and in 2010 it released its Suspended Sentences in Victoria: Monitoring Report.