We are interested in the views of experts and the broader community on sentencing issues. Our consultation with stakeholders helps inform our research and policy advice.

Swift, Certain and Fair Approaches to Sentencing Family Violence Offenders

The Council has been asked to advise the Attorney-General on the desirability of implementing a ‘swift, certain and fair’ approach to sentencing family violence offenders, and how such an approach might be implemented in Victoria. The terms of reference for the project arose from a recommendation by the Royal Commission into Family Violence.

We are particularly interested in feedback on two key questions:

  1. Would a ‘swift, certain and fair’ approach be appropriate and effective for family violence offenders?
  2. Would a ‘swift, certain and fair’ approach be consistent with Victoria’s justice system?

We have prepared a discussion paper to assist with the consultation process.

We have put together a factsheet, which summarises the information on ‘swift, certain and fair’ approaches.

You may also comment using our online survey.

Submissions can be forwarded to us using one of the following methods:


Post: Sentencing Advisory Council, 3/333 Queen Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Fax: 03 9908 8777

Phone: 1300 363 196

We ask that you complete a submission form (available on our Making a Submission page) indicating how you would like your submission to be handled. Please submit this form with your submission.

The deadline for submissions is Friday 31 March 2017.