We are interested in the views of experts and the broader community on sentencing issues. Our consultation with stakeholders helps inform our research and policy advice.

A Sentencing Guidelines Council for Victoria

Call for Submissions

The Sentencing Advisory Council is seeking submissions on the issues raised and questions posed in A Sentencing Guidelines Council for Victoria: Issues Paper. Stakeholders are encouraged to consider the issues paper in light of advice on potential constitutional limitations of a sentencing guidelines council in Victoria (this advice is available with the issues paper).

When making a submission to the Sentencing Advisory Council, please specify whether you would like your submission to be treated as public, anonymous or confidential. Please see our Making a Submission page to assist you with deciding which type of submission you wish to make. You can also use our Submission Form to indicate your preferred type of submission.

To make a written submission, please use one of the following methods:

Alternatively, you may like to complete our online survey asking your views on the six most important questions in the issues paper.

The deadline for written submissions and the online survey is Friday 22 December 2017.