Making a Submission

The Sentencing Advisory Council reviews sentencing issues at the request of the Attorney-General and through our own projects. For some references, we produce consultation material explaining issues and posing specific questions for comment. Responses, or submissions, about these issues and questions are considered in preparing advice for the Attorney-General.

When making a submission, we ask that you consider the questions in the consultation material. You may choose to answer some or all questions, and you may wish to include other relevant information. We also ask that you fill out our Submission Form (PDF or Word), which identifies how you would like us to treat your submission.

Public Submissions

The Council may refer to or quote directly from public submissions and name the source. Public submissions may also be published on the Council’s website.

Anonymous Submissions

The Council may refer to or quote directly from anonymous submissions but will not name the source or publish anonymous submissions on the Council’s website. Anonymous submissions may be provided to interested parties once all identifying information has been removed.

Confidential Submissions

The Council will neither refer to nor quote from confidential submissions. The Council may take confidential submissions into account in deliberations but will not publish confidential submissions to the Council’s website or provide them to anyone outside of the Council.