Current Projects

References from the Attorney-General guide many of the Council's projects. Other projects arise from sentencing issues of interest to members of the judiciary and the broader community.

For a full list of the Council's published research, see our Publications by Topic page.

Crossover Kids in the Youth Justice System
The Council is examining the proportion of sentenced children who have a child protection history.

Remand and Sentencing
The Council is researching case outcomes for prisoners held on remand in Victoria in 2016–17. 

Young Adult Offenders
The Council is examining sentencing approaches to young adult offenders.

Recently Completed Projects

Animal Cruelty Offences
The Council has completed the first comprehensive review of sentencing for animal cruelty offences in Victoria.

Firearms Offences
This project gives an insight into sentencing outcomes for firearms offences in Victoria.

Serious Offences Committed on Community Correction Orders
The Corrections Act 1986 (Vic) requires the Council to report on the number of people convicted of a serious offence while on a community correction order.