Current Projects

References from the Attorney-General guide many of the Council's projects. Other projects arise from identifying sentencing issues of interest to members of the judiciary and the broader community.

Creation of a Sentencing Guidelines Council
The Attorney-General has requested the Council to consult and advise on a sentencing guidelines council for Victoria.

Restitution and Compensation Orders
The Attorney-General has asked the Council to provide advice on restitution and compensation orders.

Serious Offences Committed on Community Correction Orders
The Corrections Act 1986 (Vic) requires the Council to report on the number of people convicted of a serious offence while on a community correction order.

Minor Drug Offences
The Council is examining changes in sentencing outcomes for minor drug offences in the Magistrates’ Court over the 10 years to June 2017.

Changes to Sentence by the Court of Appeal
The Council is preparing a statistical report examining County and Supreme Court sentence appeals in Victoria.