Prison Population in Victoria

The Council has examined trends in Victoria’s adult prison population, in particular, offending, sentencing, and broad prisoner characteristics. This project sought to uncover whether sentencing practices have influenced the changing prison population.

The project considered recent reforms that might have influenced the composition of the adult prison population, including:

  • the abolition of suspended sentences
  • the introduction of community correction orders
  • imprisonment combined with community correction orders
  • changes to bail and parole.

The Council released Victoria’s Prison Population 2005 to 2016 in November 2016. This report follows two previous reports:

Previous reports describe the prison population prior to the reforms listed above. This latest report built on the 2013 report to investigate the influence of the reforms.

The project analysed data from 2005 to 2016, including three years of new data since the 2013 report.

In addition, the Council has examined new trends. Of particular interest has been the growth in the remand population, both in the number of people on remand and as a proportion of the total prison population.