How to Use SACStat

You can search for an offence heard in the higher courts with the Higher Courts Offence Search. Alternatively, you can browse offences heard in the higher courts with the Higher Courts Legislation Index.

You can find an offence heard in the Magistrates' Court using the Magistrates' Court Offence Search or the Magistrates' Court Legislation Index.

Once you have found the offence you are looking for, click on the tabs above the graph to bring up information about the offence, such as the number of cases that received a sentence type. The number of cases or charges is given immediately below the tabs. You will also find summary statistics below graphs for offences sentenced in the higher courts.

For each offence, you can access its data in tables by clicking on the ‘view graphs as table data link’ above the tabs.

For 28 offences (including murder and rape) sentenced in the higher courts, you can access written summaries of the sentencing data by clicking on the download SACStat offence summary link above the tabs.

NB: Pressing the back button will return you to the previous page, not the previous graph.

The SACStat Instruction Manual describes in detail how to find an offence on SACStat and what data is included for each offence.

Our Methodology page outlines the scope, exclusions, sources and counting methodology for SACStat data.

We have prepared a Glossary of terminology for SACStat.

You can Contact Us if you have any queries about using SACStat.

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