Baseline Sentencing Statistics

In the case of DPP v Walters [2015] VSCA 303, the Court of Appeal held that the baseline provisions in the Sentencing Act 1991 (Vic) were ‘incapable of being given any practical operation’. As a result, the baseline sentencing provisions became unenforceable.

This page previously contained links to median data for offences included under the baseline sentencing scheme. The ‘baseline offence median’ was calculated using the method described in the Council’s report Calculating the Baseline Offence Median.

The baseline offence median is different from the median that the Council uses in Sentencing Snapshots and on SACStat.

In light of the ruling in DPP v Walters, the baseline offence median data has been removed in order to avoid confusion with the Council’s median data in Sentencing Snapshots and on SACStat.

Current Data for Offences

Below are links to the current data for offences that are prescribed as baseline offences.


Trafficking in a large commercial quantity of a drug of dependence

Persistent sexual abuse of a child under 16

Sexual penetration with a child under 12

Incest with a child/step-child/lineal descendant (aged under 18)

Incest with the child/step-child/lineal descendant, aged under 18, of a de facto spouse

Culpable driving causing death