Community-Based Sentences

Community-based sentences include any non-custodial orders that are administered by adult corrective services within each state and territory. Examples of community-based sentences include restricted movement orders, reparation (fine options and community service), supervision, parole, bail, and sentenced probation orders.

As at June 2016, Victoria’s rate of community-based sentences stood at 302.9 people per 100,000 adults, the second lowest in Australia after Western Australia (232.8 per 100,000 adults). The national average was substantially higher at 352.6 per 100,000 adults. So too were the rates in South Australia (408.5 per 100,000 adults), Tasmania (475.1 per 100,000 adults), Queensland (506.0 per 100,000 adults), and the Northern Territory (677.4 per 100,000 adults).

The count of people serving community-based sentences is an average of the number of people on the first day of each month in a calendar year, per 100,000 adults. It includes people serving parole orders and interstate/Commonwealth orders.

With the exception of Victoria and Tasmania, the number of people serving community-based sentences includes people with breached or suspended orders.

Graph and table: the rate of people serving community-based sentences in each Australian state and territory as at June 2016

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Jurisdiction Rate (per 100,000 adults)
Northern Territory 677.4
Queensland 506.0
Tasmania 475.1
South Australia 408.5
Australia 352.6
Australian Capital Territory 322.9
New South Wales 306.7
Victoria 302.9
Western Australia 232.8

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Corrective Services, Australia, June Quarter 2016, Cat. No. 4512.0 (2016) (external link opens in a new window)