Most Serious Offence for Adult Prisoners in Victoria

As at June 2015, sentenced prisoners were most likely to have a sexual (assault or non-assaultive) offence as their most serious offence (15%). These were followed by justice procedures offences (14%) and causing injury offences (14%).

Justice procedures offences include failure to appear, perverting the course of justice, resisting or hindering an officer, breaches of orders (including breaches of family violence orders, intervention orders, bail conditions, or other orders), and offences against government operations and security.

Graph and table: the most serious offences for which prisoners were incarcerated in Victoria as at 30 June 2015

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Most serious offence Percentage of all sentenced prisoners
Sexual assault and related offences 15%
Offences against justice procedures, government security, and government operations 14%
Acts intended to cause injury 14%
Illicit drug offences 11%
Unlawful entry with intent/burglary, break and enter 11%
Homicide and related offences 9%
Robbery, extortion, and related offences 9%
Theft and related offences 5%
Fraud, deception, and related offences 3%
Dangerous or negligent acts endangering persons 2%
Traffic and vehicle regulatory offences 2%
Prohibited and regulated weapons and explosives offences 1%
Property damage and environmental pollution 1%
Abduction, harassment, and other offences against the person 1%
Public order offences <1%
Miscellaneous offences <1%

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Prisoners in Australia, Cat. No. 4517.0 (2015) (external link opens in a new window)