Most Serious Offence for Victorian Prisoners

As at 30 June 2018, the most serious offences for sentenced prisoners in Victoria were:

  • sexual offences (16.8%)
  • assault and injury offences (14.6%)
  • drug offences (12.7%).

Note: Sexual offences include sexual assault and non-assaultive sexual offences.

Most serious offences committed by sentenced prisoners in Victoria, 30 June 2018

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Most serious offence Percentage of all sentenced prisoners
Sexual offences 16.8%
Assault and injury offences 14.6%
Drug offences 12.7%
Unlawful entry with intent 11.2%
Homicide and related offences 9.9%
Robbery and extortion 7.8%
Justice procedures offences 7.7%
Theft and related offences 3.8%
Dangerous or negligent acts 3.3%
Weapons or explosives offences 3.1%
Fraud, deception and related offences 3.0%
Property damage and pollution offences 1.7%
Traffic and vehicle (regulatory) offences 1.6%
Abduction, harassment and threatening behaviour 1.4%
Public order offences 1.3%
Miscellaneous offences 0.1%

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, Prisoners in Australia, 2018, Cat. No. 4517.0 (2018).