Cases Sentenced in the Children's Court

In 2016-17, the number of cases sentenced in the Children’s Court of Victoria increased to 4,191, from 3,853 in the previous year. This increase was partly due to a large increase in youth diversion, from 25 cases in 2014-15 to 1,120 cases in 2016-17. Youth diversion became available in all Children’s Court locations in January 2017.

Note: The figures in this graph include cases that received youth diversion. Youth diversion is not a sentence and does not result from a formal finding of guilt. However, it is an important disposition that the Children's Court may use in certain circumstances to divert low-level offenders from the criminal justice system.

Number of cases sentenced in the Children’s Court from July 2007 to June 2017

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Year Number of cases
2007-08 8,923
2008-09 6,716
2009-10 6,383
2010-11 5,527
2011-12 4,719
2012-13 4,366
2013-14 3,989
2014-15 3,756
2015-16 3,853
2016-17 4,191

Source: Court Services Victoria, unpublished data.