Twitter Policy

The Sentencing Advisory Council will endeavour to update and monitor its Twitter account 9am to 4pm AEST, Monday to Friday, and beyond these hours where practical. If you follow @SACvic on Twitter, you can expect between one and five tweets a day.


@SACvic will tweet:

  • news of its research and discussion papers on sentencing in Victoria immediately when each is released.
  • news about our other work where such news will be of interest to a wide audience.
  • links to contemporary news, research and analysis of sentencing and related criminal justice issues from Australian and international sources, especially those with relevance to Victoria. Tweeting such links does not imply endorsement of the opinions expressed in them.

@SACvic twitter feeds are reproduced on our website front page.


@SACvic will not tweet anything that:

  • contains information that is not already in, or gathered with the intention of being in, the public domain
  • is defamatory, offensive, threatening, discriminatory or hateful toward any group or class of persons in the community (e.g. racist or sexist language or personal attacks)
  • infringes copyright, breaches privacy laws, constitutes contempt of court, breaches a court suppression order or agreement reached between the Sentencing Advisory Council and a court, or is in any other way unlawful.

Following Us

If you follow us on Twitter, we will not automatically follow you back. Being followed by @SACvic does not imply the Sentencing Advisory Council’s endorsement.

Tweeted Questions, Replies, and Messages

We welcome feedback and ideas from all our followers.

Where Twitter is used to publicly ask @SACvic a question, we will reply via Twitter:

  • publicly where the topic is likely to be of interest to other @SACvic followers
  • privately where the topic is unlikely to be of wide interest.

Statistics generated from @SACvic Twitter activity and tweets addressed to @SACvic may be quoted by the Sentencing Advisory Council in our reports. Please refer to our Privacy Policy

Where a reply to a formal, specific, or sensitive query is required, the Sentencing Advisory Council recommends using our contact form