Community Values and Sentencing

In an episode of ABC Radio National’s Law Report, broadcast on 26 April 2016, Her Excellency Professor the Honourable Kate Warner AM spoke publicly for the first time about her research on whether judges are out of touch with community attitudes on sentencing.

The research asked jurors who have sat on criminal trials in the County Court of Victoria their views on the adequacy of sentences imposed by judges. The results were surprising.

The episode includes a visit to a pub in outer eastern Melbourne, where the Council asked a group of seniors to step into the shoes of a County Court judge in a You be the Judge session. This part of the episode highlights the breadth of community attitudes on sentencing.

You can listen to or read a transcript of Community Values and Sentencing on the Law Report website.

What Happens When Ordinary Citizens Set the Sentence?

The Council’s long-standing You be the Judge educational program has featured on ABC’s Lateline news and current affairs program. The segment includes an overview of the session and discussion between participants. The ABC has released video and a transcript of the segment, which was originally broadcast on 25 August 2016.