Resources for Teachers

Teachers Kits

The Sentencing Advisory Council has prepared two teachers' kits based on case studies of real sentences. The kits provide the material teachers need to deliver engaging classes where students identify, consider, discuss, and apply the principles of sentencing. Students can compare their sentences to the sentence that the real-life judge imposed.

Each kit includes a teacher guide, three slide shows, and a set of notes for each slide show.

The Years 11 and 12 kit case studies include the offences of armed robbery, culpable driving causing death, and murder. The Years 9 and 10 kit case studies look at the offences of armed robbery, causing serious injury intentionally, and trafficking in a drug of dependence. Both kits were updated in January 2017 to reflect changes to Victorian sentencing law.

The kits can be downloaded from our website:

A Quick Guide to Sentencing

Our A Quick Guide to Sentencing explains the where, when, what, and how of sentencing in Victoria, providing teachers and students with a plain-language overview of Victorian sentencing law.