About Virtual You be the Judge

Virtual You be the Judge is the Council's online program that lets you participate in various aspects of a sentencing hearing, receiving information from victims, offenders, prosecutors, defence lawyers and the judge.

Learn as you move through the experience about the factors involved in the sentencing process. Then you will be able to sentence each offender yourself and compare your sentence with that of the actual judge.

Virtual You be the Judge includes four cases:

  • Richard, convicted of culpable driving causing death
  • Dane, convicted of causing injury
  • Terri, convicted of trafficking in a drug of dependence
  • Peter, convicted of burglary.

Then see if you can match your sentence with that of the actual judge.

Changes to sentencing law and practice

All Virtual You be the Judge case studies reflect sentencing law and practice at the time of publication. Richard (culpable driving), Terri (drug trafficking) and Dane (causing injury) were published in October 2010. Peter (burglary) was published in September 2012. Sentencing law and practice have changed since then, most notably for culpable driving and causing injury offences. Up to date summaries of Victorian sentencing law can be found on this website in About Sentencing, in A Quick Guide to Sentencing, and in How Courts Sentence Adult Offenders. More recent statistics on sentencing practices for each offence can also be found on this website.


Virtual You be the Judge runs best on desktop and laptop computers. If you are viewing Virtual You be the Judge in Safari or Firefox, please ensure that you have Allow All Auto-Play enabled.

For iPad users, Virtual You be the Judge will not run when Safari is in private browsing mode.

We Appreciate Your Feedback

You can report any problems with Virtual You be the Judge via our feedback and general enquiries form. If possible, please provide a description of the problem, your device and the browser you are using.

You be the Judge Scripts

Virtual You be the Judge scripts are also available for all four case studies.

You be the Judge Sessions

The Council offers free face-to-face You be the Judge sessions for legal and advocacy groups. You can use our You be the Judge booking form to organise a session with us.