About Virtual You be the Judge

These four people have been arrested, sent to trial and found guilty.
Now they need to be sentenced ... With these stories based on real life cases, you can decide for yourself and match your decision with the actual sentence.
You be the Judge!

The Sentencing Advisory Council’s popular You be the Judge program is available online.

Visitors to Virtual You be the Judge can participate in various aspects of a sentencing hearing, receiving information from victims, offenders, prosecutors, defence lawyers and the judge.

Learn as you move through the experience about all of the factors involved in the sentencing process. Then you will be able to sentence each offender yourself and compare your sentence with that of the actual judge.

Virtual You be the Judge includes four cases. Follow Richard, convicted of culpable driving causing death; Dane, convicted of causing injury; Terri, convicted of trafficking in a drug of dependence; and Peter, convicted of burglary by the Magistrates’ Court. Then see if you can match your sentence with that of the actual judge.

Virtual You be the Judge was a finalist in the 2012 ATOM Awards.


Virtual You be the Judge runs on desktop computers, laptops, and tablet devices. A sign will display if your browser is out of date. You can then either update your browser or select ‘View Flash Version’ to run the program on your existing browser. Function buttons may be too small to use on most smart phones.


Virtual You be the Judge was upgraded in February 2014. If you used it before then and are now having access problems, open your browser tools or settings, delete cookies and browsing history, then reload the site.

For iPad users, Virtual You be the Judge will not run when Safari is in private browsing mode. To temporarily disable private browsing, close all open Safari windows and de-select ‘Private’ at the bottom left-hand corner of your home page.

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You be the Judge Scripts

Virtual You be the Judge scripts are also available for all four case studies.