Homicide in Victoria: Offenders, Victims and Sentencing

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Homicide in Victoria: Offenders, Victims and Sentencing shows how sentencing outcomes for homicide vary on the basis of characteristics of the incident, the offender and the victim.

The report follows up on a recommendation in the Victorian Law Reform Commission’s Defences to Homicide: Final Report  (2004), that the Council establish a database to monitor sentencing trends in homicide cases.

The Council, in collaboration with the Australian Institute of Criminology and the Department of Justice, developed a database containing information on the characteristics of homicide incidents, offenders, victims and sentencing outcomes that occurred in Victoria between 30 June 1990 and 30 June 2005 and that were sentenced in the criminal courts between 30 June 1999 and 30 June 2006. Information on 208 homicide incidents (relating to 243 offenders and 216 victims) was available for analysis.

Authored and published by the Sentencing Advisory Council
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