Sentencing Breaches of Personal Safety Intervention Orders in Victoria

Date of Publication

This report analyses data on personal safety intervention orders (PSIOs) in Victoria from 2011 to 2020. It aims to assist the Victorian Law Reform Commission with its inquiry on responses to stalking.

The report considers:

  • the relationships between people protected by PSIOs and respondents (people with a PSIO or PSIO application against them)
  • sentencing practices for breaching a PSIO
  • the link between PSIO breach offences and family violence
  • the rate of reoffending among people sentenced for breaching a PSIO.

In addition, the report examines PSIOs in regional areas and highlights the effects of COVID-19 on court operations relating to PSIO matters.

Authored and published by the Sentencing Advisory Council
© State of Victoria, Sentencing Advisory Council, 2022