Remand and Sentencing

In Victoria, the number of prisoners in custody who have not been sentenced increased by 153% in the five years to April 2018. Over the same period, the sentenced prisoner population grew by just 14%.

Despite the increase in the unsentenced prisoner population, no published research in Victoria examines the extent to which remandees are ultimately convicted of the offences for which they are remanded. Nor does research show the type of sentence that remandees receive when they are convicted.

Number of unsentenced prisoners in Victoria

Corrections Victoria, Monthly Prisoner and Offender Statistics

The Council has begun researching case outcomes for prisoners held on remand in Victoria in 2016–17. 

The first aim of this project is to examine the demographic characteristics of prisoners held on remand and the offences they were charged with.

The second aim is to examine the outcome of the relevant proceedings for which prisoners were held on remand according to whether the case was dismissed, was not yet finalised, received a non-custodial sentence or received imprisonment.

The final aim is to compare the characteristics of the prisoners who received each outcome with the characteristics of the remand population overall.

The project will consider the total time each prisoner spent on remand, each prisoner’s age and gender, the trajectory of their bail and remand, and for sentenced cases any differences between the offences originally charged and those ultimately sentenced.

The Council plans to release its findings in the second half of 2019.

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