Remand and Sentencing

In Victoria, the number of adult prisoners in custody who have not been sentenced increased by 196% in the six years to March 2019.

The number of children in custody who have not been sentenced has almost doubled, from an average of 37 children per day in the period from 2010–11 to 2013–14 to an average of 69 children per day in the period from 2014–15 to 2017–18.

Despite the increase in the unsentenced prisoner population, no published research in Victoria examines the extent to which remandees are ultimately convicted of the offences for which they were remanded. Nor does research show the type of sentence they receive if they are convicted.

The Council has begun researching case outcomes for people held on remand in Victoria in 2016–17. We will be separately analysing case outcomes for adult remandees (those aged 18 and over) in one report, and case outcomes for child remandees (those aged 10 to 17 years old) in another report. Both projects aim to examine the demographic characteristics of people held on remand, including the offences they were charged with, and to identify the outcome of the proceedings for which they were held on remand.

Daily number of unsentenced adult prisoners in Victoria

Source: Corrections Victoria, Monthly Prisoner and Offender Statistics

Average daily number of unsentenced children in custody in Victoria

Source: Australian Institute for Health and Welfare, Youth Detention Population in Australia (reports)

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