Sentencing Trends

Each year, the Council publishes new data on general sentencing trends for Victoria, Australia and select international jurisdictions.

Victorian Courts

Our sentencing trends data covers the higher courts (County and Supreme Courts), Magistrates' Court and Children's Court:


We publish data on imprisonment in Victoria from 1871 to the present day. We also report on national and international trends as well as imprisonment rates among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples:

Most Serious Offence and Recidivism

We look at trends in the most serious offence that prisoners commit in Victoria and the number of prisoners for each state and territory who return to prison within two years of release:

Juvenile Detention

Our data on juvenile detention covers the general population of young people as well as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people detained in each Australian state and territory:

Community Orders

We also look at Australian trends on the use of community orders: