Sentencing Sex Offences in Victoria: An Analysis of Three Sentencing Reforms

Date of Publication

This report examines sentencing outcomes for six contact sex offence types sentenced in Victoria between 2010 and 2019. It considers whether sentencing practices changed for those six offences in the 10-year period and if so whether legislative and judicial reforms influenced the changes.

Sex Offences in Victoria: 2010–2019 summarises the key findings of the report and includes case studies illustrating the range of sentences imposed for different sex offence types.

Authored and published by the Sentencing Advisory Council
© State of Victoria, Sentencing Advisory Council, 2021


Online Launch

Sentencing Sex Offences in Victoria and Sex Offences in Victoria: 2010–2019 were launched online on 22 June 2021. During the launch, Council Chair Professor Arie Freiberg AM and the project team provided an overview of the key findings of the research.

The video of the launch can be viewed below and on the Council's YouTube channel.