Australia's Imprisonment Rates

As at June 2017, Victoria had the second lowest rate of imprisonment in Australia after the Australian Capital Territory. Victoria had 145.4 prisoners per 100,000 adults, the Australian Capital Territory had 141.2 per 100,000 adults and the national rate was 215.9 per 100,000 adults. In contrast, the Northern Territory had the highest rate of imprisonment at 878.4 per 100,000 adults. This is significantly higher than all other states and territories. At 340.0 per 100,000 adults, Western Australia also had a rate of imprisonment that was substantially higher than the national average. 

Imprisonment rate per 100,000 adults for each Australian state and territory as at June 2017

Hover over a bar in the graph to display the imprisonment rate and the number imprisoned for each state and territory. The vertical line shows the national rate.

Jurisdiction Imprisonment rate per 100,000 adults
Northern Territory 878.4
Western Australia 340.0
South Australia 223.7
Queensland 221.8
New South Wales 215.6
Tasmania 146.3
Victoria 145.4
Australian Capital Territory 141.2
Australia 215.9

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics (2017), Prisoners in Australia, Cat. No. 4517.0 (external link opens in a new window).